The 4 best things to do in Rwanda


Rwanda is a landlocked country located in East Africa, bordering Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. You may know a little bit about Rwanda’s violent past but the country is long passed its war torn days and is now one of the safest, cleanest and fastest advancing countries to visit in Africa.

Let’s quickly take you through the key recommended tour and travel activities on your planned visit to Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

Gorilla Trekking, of course
When most people think about Rwanda, the first thing that comes to mind is tracking gorillas. It is in fact the main adventure in the country and you won’t be disappointed. Book a gorilla tracking safari in Rwanda for example in the parc de volcanes for a very unique gorilla tracking experience because you can get inches away from Gorillas AND YOU WILL BE STUNNED!! Unfortunately, the largest group of active gorillas is in Uganda at the Bwindi impenetrable national park but Rwanda has its fair share of gorilla families that will make your trip worthwhile.


Gorillas make their homes in and amongst the bamboo-covered slopes of the Virunga Mountains in the Volcanoes National Park in northern Rwanda


Explore Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda
Kigali is a gorgeous city with great weather. You can get a taste of Rwanda’s history in Kigali by visiting the genocide memorial centers to learn about the turbulent past of the country and also check out the monuments & remembrance collections.

Photo ops at the Rubavu beach
Are you surprised that Rwanda has a beach? – You’re not alone. Most people are surprised until they visit Rubavu (also known as Gisenyi). It is a waterfront town located on the shores of Lake Kivu, one Africa’s great bodies of water. Rubavu is only an hour away from Volcanoes National Park so it would make for a great way to unwind after your Gorilla/chimpanzee trekking adventures. If you want to max out your photo moments while in Rwanda, be sure to visit the Rubavu beach at Lake Kivu.



Butare (Huye)
Huye is arguably the most distinguished town in Rwanda, it has been known as the country’s most prominent intellectual centre since the colonial era, when it was known as Butare and is home to the excellent Ethnographic Museum. Butare is the cultural hub for the country and was once the most important city before 1965. If you have time you can also visit the nearby Nyabisindu (Nayanza) where you can find the impressive royal palace of Rwanda’s feudal monarchy.

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