Uganda’s Oldest Chimpanzee Rests at 54


Late evening on Thursday, April 26, the 54 year old male chimpanzee, Zakayo’s respiratory organs started to fail and although the team on site tried to resuscitate him for about 2 hours, the legendary zakayo, who has lived at Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) years breathed his last. A brief statement from Uganda Wildlife Education Center shows that preliminary findings suggest that Zakayo succumbed to chronic gastroenteritis (stomach flu). According to experts, due to his old age, he was highly susceptible to opportunistic infections. Mr Lawrence George Opio, a veterinary doctor at Uwec, said they tried all preventive and curable treatment to save 54-year-old Zakayo for the last 18 days, but in vain.

Zakayo, the oldest known chimpanzee was laid to rest on Saturday, 28th April in budongo forest, Uganda where the friends of Zakayo & chimpanzee enthusiasts who had become accustomed to ceremonial elegance & splendor every year, at each of Zakayo’s birthdays came together again but this time to celebrate the end of his life.

In tribute to Zakayo’s qualities at his funeral service, Ms Evelyn Nakayerise, a wildlife conservationist, described Zakayo as a great leader who took care of his young ones and loved visitors.
“He was really amazing the way he handled life and the life of the fellow chimps; it was really amazing,” she said.



Vivid adventure safaris Uganda joins conservationists in Uganda and the world at large as we remember and celebrate the life of Uganda’s known, oldest chimpanzee Zakayo, rest in peace mzee Zakayo.

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