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There's a lot to say about activities and destination in Africa, it's simply amazing; it's not just the people, places or the food and frankly it would take forever to truly give you the full picture. In this travel journal, we publish articles, share videos and photos to give you an idea on what you will find in Africa's top destinations. Enjoy! And remember to let us know if you'd like a tour in any of these countries. Also, if you see something you like, share with your friends

Why is Uganda so friendly?

As a tourist visiting a country for a short while or an expat slated to work in a new place for longer periods, it can be really difficult finding a new friend not just to help ease the loneliness but also to help you adjust to the new lifestyle and norms you will be part […]


The 4 best things to do in Rwanda

Rwanda is a landlocked country located in East Africa, bordering Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. You may know a little bit about Rwanda’s violent past but the country is long passed its war torn days and is now one of the safest, cleanest and fastest advancing countries to visit in Africa. Let’s quickly take you through […]

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